Nathanael Troester

Ministry Representative

My Call to Ministry

I grew up in a Christian home. As my four brothers and I grew into our teens, our dad encouraged us to use whatever profession we went into to serve God in some way. He instilled in us that the goal is not to make as much money as we can, but to serve God and bring glory to God through our lives. The driving force in our lives needs to be to reach the lost with the Gospel.

I have always liked working with my hands and physical labor. At 16, I went on my first 6-week mission trip to Papua New Guinea. It was there that I felt God wanting me to serve him through the trades. Every mission trip after that has been a confirmation of what God has called me to.

I have worked on construction crews since high school learning how to be a carpenter with the goal to use my skills somehow in ministry. God has had some amazing opportunities for me to serve him. Some were not in my 10-year plans, but he always has had me where I needed to be. He has been teaching me to trust him with my life and to wait on him for my next move. Through much prayer and seeking counsel, I am excited to see God calling us to the ministry of The Master’s Craftsmen. I feel God has been preparing my life for this ministry and am excited to see how God will use me and my family through TMC to reach the lost and to impact other believers to serve God in any way they can.