From our Pastor

Eric Joss and the Master’s Craftsmen have been a part of Wyldewood Baptist Church since 2005. I can personally attest to their professionalism, knowledge of the trades, and most importantly, love for the Lord and compassion for people. With TMC, pastors and missionaries interact with someone who has intimate knowledge of the ministry coupled with a thorough knowledge of building costs, supplies, and craftmanship. They truly first build people, then build churches! I heartily recommend them to your church for your building projects because they catch the vision of what that facility can do to reach souls for Christ! I also encourage you to take them on for monthly financial support. Many facilities, large and small, stand as a testament across the world to the glory of God and to the advancement of his kingdom in the hearts of people! These building projects, long after TMC has finished, continue to be used to reach needy hearts!

-Pastor Jason Brenenstuhl